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.........................................Useless information on OLP............................


- All the 4 (and 5, if you count Chris Ekertte) members were born in Ontario, Canada except for Mike Turner, who had to be difficult and was born in England.

- Sol Fox is the man on the cover of Naveed, Clumsy, and Happiness...Is Not a Fish You Can Catch

- Raine's real name is Micheal

- Raine's brother is 18 years younger then him

- They are one of only two Canadian bands to reach a Diamond label, for selling 1 million albums in Canada with Clumsy. The other band is Bare Naked Ladies

- "I'll be waving my hand, watching you drown"

- Raine was only 4 months away from graduating from The University of Toronto with a degree in Criminology before dropping out

- Jeremy constantly got the band in trouble, since he was underage when they played at bars

- OLP backwards is PLO

- Our Lady Peace does not sound like Creed

- I hate Creed

- Arnold Lanni has produced all of OLP's albums

- The track 'R.K. 1949 - 1997', the voice in the background saying "Big Green Monkey, Everyone's a Junkie" is Arnold Lanni's son

- If OLP is Canadian/British (Mike Turner), and the first release of Spiritual Machines was in Canada, how come for the song The Wonderful Future, Wonderful is spelled "wonderful" instead of "wounderful"??

- The CD Clumsy was originally named Propeller, like their music is being "propelled" forward. Personally, I'm glad they went with Clumsy, sounds better

- The word "Naveed" when translated literally means "bearer of good news".

- During the filming of the Starseed video, the guitarist Mike Turner was almost shot.

- OLP's original drummer was named Jim Newell. He left the band in 1993 in pursuit of a job.

- Mike Turner holds a degree in English literature.

- The girl in the Superman's Dead video is actually a boy, and the lead singer of Canadian band Serial Joe.

- Does the line "kneel down and obey" from Superman's Dead seem a tad sexually charged to anyone else??


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