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Mike Turner's Biography


Mike Turner: Born June 5, 1962 (or 1963???), he plays guitar, and does back-up vocals in the band. Mike a degree in English from the University of Western Ontario, and worked as a welder in amachine shop. He had to stop changing his hair around because it confused too many people. He was born and raised with three sisters, in Bradford, England during the punk explosion of the late '70s, which is where his style is derived from. Mike names the Sex Pistols as one of his big influences. On his 17th birthday, Mike got his first guitar as gift from his parents. The first song he ever learned to play on the guitar was 'Day Tripper' by the Beatles. After moving to Oshawa, Ontario, and forming Our Lady Peace, he realized that wanted to take some more lessons, and focus more on the technique of playing, rather than just power chords.