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These are some of the emails I've received. If you want yours added, just email me. Having your name on the 'net looks pretty kick ass anyways.


From: Lauren

i saw them last night in d.c. and they truly rocked out; i was incredibly impressed and my perspective on music has been changed forever, in part bc i never really realized music can have such a deeper meaning. i've been a little pop princess for the past two years so this was a serious revelation. anyways, moving on -- i'm just droppin ya a line because i think your site's very impressive and i liked the layout.

This is her website (on Sugar Ray)


From: Serena

Lol Nice page But um wut's it about?


From: Suzy

Hi what's up? my name is Suzy I'm 16 and I love Our Lady Peace. I think u have a really kewl web site for them and I guess thats all I wanted to say !!!


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