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Clumsy Congress

Clumsy Congress is the official Our Lady Peace community, made for real Our Lady Peace fans. It's one of the greatest OLP Message Board on the net, go check it out here. Kick it with fans, friends, or maybe me. Well, probably not. I'm never on there. If for some reason you want to talk to me, my AIM screen name is Yourgoldfish. Catchy, eh??

One Man Army Street Team

Want to spread the word about Our Lady Peace over the 'net?? Here, your an official OLP soldier, sent to make the initials "OLP" known all over the internet. Click here to enlist.

Our Lady Peace Mailing List

Want constant, up-to-the-minute, Our Lady Peace information? Join their mailing list then, by clicking here.

Oli Goldsmith

Oli Goldsmith is the artist whom created the video "In Repair," and also does the artwork for OLP's CD Packaging, Concert Backdrop Movie, Mike's guitar design, and poster. Visit his site and check out this amazing artist.

Other Our Lady Peace Websites

Rick And Shelly's Our Lady Peace
Fabio's Our Lady Peace Online (It's gone, sadly, but click to see Fabio's final words)
Cara's ...And The World That I Knew
Lora's Your Looking For That Sun...
Laurel's Our Lady Peace Page

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