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Duncan Coutts Biography


Duncan Coutts: Born Feb 4th (or 5th), 1970, and an only child. He was with the band originally, but then left to continue studying film at Toronto's Ryerson University, before re-joining Our Lady Peace in 1995. Duncan (whose real name is Bob) used his melodic bass style in many Toronto bar bands. One of his pre-band jobs was a taxi driver in Whistler B.C., and he also worked as a set dresser on Due South. Along with bass he plays keyboards and cello, and occasionally sings back up. This is also just pure speculation, but I believe his brother is also a roadie for the band. If you've ever been so fortunate to get close enough to the stage at a show, the person tuning Duncan's basses bares a striking resemblence to him. I've asked OLP about this, but still no reply back.