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If you have a question, comment, compliment, put-down, death threat, link trading propsel, money, or Carmen Elektra for under 100 bucks, email me. If your broswer does not let you mail me that way, the email address is

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Wondering who the webmaster is?? Well it's me, duh. Or in more polite terms, I'm Raine Daniels. I'm 17, living in Arizona but from Ontario. I shoudn't have to put Canada in there, learn some geography Americans. I have a pic right here

Thank God my hair is longer. I'd upload a new pic if I weren't lazy.

If your wondering how to make a page like this, except better, copy me!! I made this all on Frontpage Express, then because I didn't have a WBS, copied the HTML to's Free Form. I didn't even have to learn that much HTML, but I actually understand it now. Want to reward me?? Send me money!!

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